What Rising Experiences is all about

Rising Experiences is an organization initiated by people who are fortunate to have worked, lived, and studied in United States. Our experiences have inspired us and shaped our lives, and even convinced us to help other people. We are dedicated to finding you an internship or a workplace that will not only complement the knowledge you have acquired thus far in your chosen filed, but that will give you a global perspective as you seek a competitive edge in achieving your career goals. As we had been in your positions, we are available to advise you on the program that best suits your needs. We will guide you through the simple online application, send you a pre-departure packet and advise you on visa regulations as we search for you customized placement abroad.


Our programs allow students and professionals to develop the expanding set of competencies demanded in today’s global economy through sustained immersion in the United States – language learning, problem-solving, empathy and respect for cultural attitudes and ideas.

Rising Experiences offers a wide variety of Short-term programs for participants travelling to the US on tourist B-2 Visas. Group Homestay Program is customized to fit your needs and typically include English language and American culture classes, as well as excursions, activities and parties. Participants must be between the ages of 13-17. We organize 2-3 week Group Homestay programs all around the United States. We will work with several language center to fulfill your needs.

The United States is one of the most powerful and diverse countries in the world. It has a strong work reputation, safe work environments and internship opportunities in almost every sector. Having the experience in the United States, whether as an internship and or a temporary worker, give you a change to perfect your English skills, and build a powerful professional network.

Experience and relationships gained through international exchange are essential to furthering global peace, freedom, mutual understanding, international cooperation, economic prosperity and the growth of human knowledge.

Rising Experiences has designed exchange programs in order to achieve educational objectives of International Exchanges by involving our participants directly in the daily life of the host country through work opportunities, educational and language immersion, and cultural exchange. Below, find information that will be very important before your international travel.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find needed information, please inquire through contact means on this website. You can ask your specific questions on our Contact Us page, just fill out the Form there.


Our Team of dedicated experts provides continuous support while our participants are situated in the U.S. We give advice, suggest opportunities and give cultural support.


To be eligible for these Programs you must: be able to function in an English-speaking work environment (before participating in the Work & Travel Program, you will be screened for an intermediate/advanced level of English); undergo an interview conducted by a staff member; have a pre-arranged job and a minimum of $1,000 (US dollars) available in order to support yourself upon arrival in the USA; be able to prove that you will return home at the end of the program by showing ties to your home country.


Programs do not include accommodation expenses, meals, international airfare, transportation in the U.S., personal spending funds and U.S. Embassy Fees.


Participants of our Programs may not be placed:

  • in positions that require licensing;
  • in positions involving gaming and gambling, including direct participation in wagering and/or betting;
  • in any position in the adult entertainment industry;
  • in sales positions that require participants to purchase inventory;
  • in positions declared hazardous to youth by the Secretary of Labor;


Question: Can a participant change his/her place of employment during participation in an exchange visitor program?

Answer: A participant’s pre-arranged employment conditions will not permit a change of employment. If a participant changes employment without authorization of the sponsor, the exchange visitor program will be terminated. A participant whose program is terminated must leave the U.S. immediately. Failure to comply can create legal difficulties for the participant that will affect his or her further ability to travel, study, or work in the United States at any time in the future.


Our Programs run through all Four Seasons. Participants are welcome to join for a Program at any Season. Students are allowed to work during their university summer break for up to 4 months. The average program runs from 3 – 4 months.