About Rising Experience


Rising Experiences is an organization initiated by people who are fortunate to have worked, lived, and studied in United States. Our experiences have inspired us and shaped our lives, and even convinced us to help other people. We are dedicated to finding you an internship or a workplace that will not only complement the knowledge you have acquired thus far in your chosen field, but that will give you a global perspective as you seek a competitive edge in achieving your career goals. As we had been in your positions, we are available to advise you on the program that best suits your needs. We will guide you through the simple online application, send you a pre-departure packet and advise you on visa regulations as we search for you customized placement abroad.


Experience and relationships gained through international exchange are essential to furthering global peace, freedom, mutual understanding, international cooperation, economic prosperity and the growth of human knowledge.


In order to achieve educational objectives of International Exchanges by involving our participants directly in the daily life of the host country through work opportunities, educational and language immersion, and cultural exchange