Rising Experience Programs

    Our programs allow students to develop the expanding set of competencies demanded in today’s global economy through sustained immersion in the United States. From experience, skills, language learning, problem-solving, empathy and respect for cultural attitudes and ideas, you’ll get it all.

    Intern and Trainee: The J1 Visa Summer Intern/Trainee Work and Travel Program-

    • Application Processing
    • Web/Phone Interview with Host & Users
    • Continuous support while in the U.S.
    • Paid job for up to 12 months secured to prior to arrival
    • Housing assistance
    • Up to 30 days allowed for travel at the end of the program
    • Participant pre-arrival and post-arrival information to prepare for the program

    Requirements to join Rising Experience’s Program:

    • Document / statement / agreement letter for student or candidate WILL coming back home after one year program, document must sign by parent or guardian and legal stamped
    • Deposit amount of $2000 and would be refund after candidate landed at home country with proof from Immigration
    • Read and understand (agree) all the policy from the sponsor (will be given after agreements)
    • Verification of school accreditation
    • Curriculum Vitae / Resume
    • Two of letter of recommendation
    • Two of professional photographs
    • Transcript
    • Copy of passport
    • Parents name and phone number
    • Complete home address with postal code

    4150$/UP TO 12 MONTHS

    “One step closer to achieve your dreams of working in USA, Contact us and we’ll take care of it right away”



    To be eligible for these Programs you must: be able to function in an English-speaking work environment (before participating in the Work & Travel Program, you will be screened for an intermediate/advanced level of English); undergo an interview conducted by a staff member; have a pre-arranged job and a minimum of $1,000 (US dollars) available in order to support yourself upon arrival in the USA; be able to prove that you will return home at the end of the program by showing ties to your home country.


    Programs do not include accommodation expenses, meals, international airfare, transportation in the U.S., personal spending funds and U.S. Embassy Fees.


    Our Programs run through all Four Seasons. Participants are welcome to join for a Program at any Season. Students are allowed to work during their university summer break for up to 4 months. The average program runs from 3 – 4 months.


    Participants of our Programs may not be placed:

    • in positions that require licensing;
    • in positions involving gaming and gambling, including direct participation in wagering and/or betting;
    • in any position in the adult entertainment industry;
    • in sales positions that require participants to purchase inventory;
    • in positions declared hazardous to youth by the Secretary of Labor;


    Question: Can a participant change his/her place of employment during participation in an exchange visitor program?

    Answer: A participant’s pre-arranged employment conditions will not permit a change of employment. If a participant changes employment without authorization of the sponsor, the exchange visitor program will be terminated. A participant whose program is terminated must leave the U.S. immediately. Failure to comply can create legal difficulties for the participant that will affect his or her further ability to travel, study, or work in the United States at any time in the future.